Our Origins

This year marks my 23rd year in business. In looking back, it seems that the years have just flown by. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was working from my living room coffee table creating calligraphy for wedding invitations and family genealogies? As a stay-at-home mom, the few extra dollars a week gave me the privilege to take my toddlers, Megan and Ryan, to Burger King as a special treat.  I can still remember adjusting the rear-view mirror to see them in the back seat with their Burger King crowns and kids’ meals. 

Life can be so remarkably sweet in the small moments.

Life can also be remarkably hard in the big moments.  Most of my customers know that I lost my daughter, Megan, to adrenal cancer on Easter Sunday, 2008.  She was my business partner and friend.  While she can never be replaced, my life is moving forward.  I'm so very grateful for the continuity of customers that have been with me from the beginning.  You have all made this saying my mantra:  You can achieve anything you want if you stick to it long enough.

My son is all grown up.  Ryan, age 30, obtained his degree in mathematics and works doing something really smart with his math mind in Overland Park, Kansas.   And now it is Buffy, my King Charles spaniel, who rides in the back of the car.

The calendar faithfully reminds me of my actual age, and there is a part of me that never grew up.  At age five, my favorite sticker books – which I begged my own mom to buy me at the grocery store check-out – foreshadowed my career at age 52.  Little did I know in the 1960’s that I would find myself in a big, bright world of “things that stick.”  The modern invention of Post-it® notes gave me one more "sticky" item to add to my artist’s palette and expanding product line.  As my sticky obsession continues, I’ve also added personalized magnets to the site.

I am always looking to maintain unsurpassed quality in things that stick. I hope that you find that our new products in 2009 mark a coming of age for Directly from the heart®, Inc. and stickingtobusiness.com.   As it has been from the beginning, our goal is to provide you with beautiful and elegant products that reflect your own sense of excellence as you stick to your business, whatever it may be.   

Whether you are a new customer visiting stickingtobusiness.com for the first time, or a faithful customer of 20 years, I am grateful for your business. 

Valerie Bosselman


Valerie - 2006
Buffy - Valerie's King
Charles Spaniel